Bill Flash 30 Day Free Request

Get 30 days of BillFlash statements and credit card processing free!

No contract, no set up or training fees. You only pay the postage for the first 30 days. Just sign up and start using it right away!


BillFlash make's sending statements and taking payments incredibly easy. Sending statements via BillFlash is a simple 2 -3 mouse clicks. No printing, folding, addressing, stamping. 

  • Drastically improve collection rate
  • Choose paperless eBills or traditional mailed bills
  • Customize templates
  • View comprehensive delivery/payment reports
  • Low cost (plus save on labor and overhead costs)
  • View all bills online
  • Faster- send all of your bills in 15 minutes!

BillFlash is already part of your practice management, all you need to do is try it. You only pay for postage for 30 days. Fill out the form to get started! 


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